I read this article recently:


It’s about a literal message in a bottle that was found on Sable Island earlier this month.  What’s amazing about the find is that the bottle was originally released in 1956 as part of a research project to determine tidal currents.  The project was much different than research that would be done today (think recycled alcohol bottles) but produced some amazing results that are still being used today.

Living on the water, I was always fascinated by stories of messages in bottles that traveled across oceans to be found years later by someone far away.  I even set a few bottles out to sea myself, wondering if, and when, and who I’d hear back from.  I never did.

It occurs to me that in some ways, blogs and posts are a bit like a modern version of a message in a bottle: sent out into abyss, with no idea if, or when, or who may see it.



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