It’s been another wet and windy day here, which is better than the freezing rain that seems to be hitting other parts of the county and the province.  It’s been a while since I’ve been home for a storm.  It’s much nicer to be here than on the road.  We had a major blizzard on Wednesday; so much so that the roads were actually closed, something that very rarely (if ever) happens.  That day I was in Halifax for the Canadian Lobster Value Recovery Summit 2014.  It was stormy outside:

photo 3

but inside there was a surprising amount of agreement amongst a very diverse group of interests in the lobster industry.  The agenda was structured so things that there could likely be agreement on were given time to be discussed and endorsed to move forward.  The others; well, there will always be differing opinions.  It felt like there is an opportunity to actually do something, but as one of my favourite expressions goes: “the proof will be in the pudding”.  (I didn’t have pudding, but I did have a delicious trifle for desert Tuesday night:) 🙂

photo 4

Before heading to Halifax, we spend Monday and Tuesday doing a sessions to help people sign up for DFO’s online licensing system.  That took us through Deer Island, St. George, and Campobello.  The hi-light was getting to meet people and help them (at least a little) with some of the issues they were having.  The low; well it was pretty much what I expected: the frustration of a system that forces people who are not comfortable with computers, in places with little (mostly no) cell coverage and slow “high-speed” internet to go online for a license to continue their livelihood because there is no other option.  It felt wrong a year ago.  It still feels wrong today.

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