Five years ago I began organizing an Easter Egg Hunt for my nieces and nephews.  That year there were 4 hunters plus a 4 month old baby. I don’t think I’d really planned on it being an annual event, but the kids (and adults) had a lot of fun that it seemed logical to keep doing it. This year, there were 8 in the hunt, plus an 11 month old who is anxious to be moving on 2 legs and joining in as well.

Each year, I have visions of green grass and bright eggs and little children dressed in their Sunday best. However, we live in Canada not the Carolinas and so that part of the egg hunt remains a vision in my mind.  In January when I saw how late in April Easter was I was optimistic the grass would be greenish, but the reality of the winter of 2014 (and another dusting of snow on Wednesday) quickly confirmed that the required attire for the egg hunt would once again be rubber boots and jackets.


Following are a few random musings on yesterday’s egg hunt and egg hunts in general:

  1. These kids are really good kids.  They range in age from 11 months to 10 years, so there are specific colours of eggs they are looking for.  As they neared the end,  no one asked to pick up another colour of egg. Instead they were yelling out colours to each other to help them find them. One of my 6 year old nieces was finished and started picking up eggs for the baby because he was too little and she thought he needed some.  My 5 year old niece and 4 year old nephew (first cousins) were sharing yellow; they hunted together for a while and took turns picking up eggs.  When they sorted out their “treasures” they traded back and forth to make sure that they each got one of everything.

    IMG_4349 - Version 2
    Eggs ready for the hunt
  2. While the big kids are fun because it can be more challenging, 2 year olds are the funnest to watch hunt for eggs.  They will walk by three eggs to get to the one they want.  They think they whole point is to pick up eggs and their excitement when they discover there’s chocolate inside is priceless.  If they discover this before all the eggs are picked up, they’re ready to stop until they can open what they have.  (One of the many reasons colour coding is a good idea.)
  3. Always use foil covered candy.  It’s outside.  With kids.  And dogs.  Enough said.
Duffy guarding an egg
Duffy guarding an egg

Happy Easter Everyone!

2 replies on “Easter Egg Hunt 2014

  1. Love the photo of the buckets of eggs. Duffy looks like he’s hoping all the excitement is over soon so he can go back to the important things in his life.


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