I’m at a frustrating place in my knitting where I literally have at least 5 projects on the go and don’t seem to be making progress on anything.  In an effort to combat the frustration (in an action that says a lot about my logic process) I started a new toddler hat over the Easter weekend.  I was thinking the hat would be a quick knit that would get me beyond my “I’m not getting anything finished” phase.  I also haven’t knit a hat for my almost a year old nephew in a while and since this winter has decided to stay for the spring, it seems he’ll be needing it.

So I cast on the “Vertical Stripes” hat from “Itty Bitty Hats”.  I’ve never knit this one, but I’ve loved any hat I’ve done from the book. Basically you knit each colour to the top of the hat, then start the next colour, joining as you go. I cheerfully knit along thinking “I don’t need to measure; I’ll eyeball it.  It’ll be close enough.”:

I loved the colours.
I loved the colours.

I swear it must have been an overdose of Easter chocolate, because I didn’t see it.  I was sure it was all going to work out.  I had this hat down.

Starting to wonder...
Starting to wonder…

The last couple of stripes, I’m starting to think “I might be off a bit. That’s ok, I’ll fudge it on the last one.”

The last stripe.
The last stripe.

At this point I have to admit that I can’t fudge it that much.  You’ll notice I knit almost half (or more depending on which stripe you’re measuring against) before I admitted defeat.  (I am not a quitter).

The hat now.
The hat now.

I’m not a quitter, but I’ve had to walk away from the hat, at least for a while.

So near, but yet so far.
So near, but yet so far.

It would have been such a pretty hat…

4 replies on “When Good Knitting Goes Bad.

  1. Or sometimes it’s not the right moment for a project. Maybe a simple hat with thin stripes would work better for these colors. Or just leave it for now and wait until it feels right again.


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