It’s like it’s magic

Victoria Day Monday I decided I needed to try something new, at least for the second time. A couple years after I started knitting again, I tried to knit 2 socks on one circular needle. I believe I got them cast on, couldn’t figure what I was supposed to do with the cables and loops and joining, hauled the stitches off the needle and went back to my double points.

I’ve been happily knitting socks on double points for 8 years at least. While I have no idea how many I’ve knit, it’s probably approaching 100 pair. I’m fortunate in my job I can knit during some meetings (I’m conscious about when it’s appropriate or not) and plain socks are my go to for those times; it’s a great way to churn out the inches of stockinette and still pay attention to what is happening. But every once in a while I’d look at my “2-at-a-time socks” book and think “I should really try that again”.

So Monday was the day. I got out my yarn and my needle and a big cup of coffee. I made up my mind to follow the directions, no matter how weird they seemed. (This I learned from Entrelac: no matter how wrong it seems, if you follow directions it will eventually work out, even if it doesn’t ever make sense).

This can't be right...
This can’t be right…

Much to my surprise and amazement, it worked! It is still one of the craziest knitting things to me – that somehow these two socks appear to be “passing” each other on one circular needle. I’m still finding the loops and yarn a little awkward. It was probably not helped by the fact I added a contrasting colour of yarn to complicate things. I keep thinking I’ll have to remember for the next one and then I realize, when I’m done, I’m done. How cool is that? (I’m not thinking about how this is the first of 9 pair of socks for Christmas gifts; no need to rain on my parade just yet).

It worked!
It worked!

I’m not ready to give up my double points, but I can see doing more socks this way, especially for those I think are going to be difficult to mate up. I’m really excited I’ve finally managed to figure this out but…

...Apparently it's not that exciting for everyone.
…Apparently it’s not that exciting for everyone.


Looking Back, Looking Forward

It’s the final day of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. Since this is my first year participating, I can’t look back on what I said a year ago. I can say that while I haven’t participated everyday, I’ve enjoyed the challenges as well as reading other people’s interpretations of them.

Looking forward to a year from now, I’d like to challenge myself a bit in my knitting. I tend to knit the same things over and over because they are easy, and sometimes it’s good to have something that is easy.  There are many patterns and yarns that I’ve flagged as something I’d like to try some day.  I hope a year from now I’ll have done at least one (or better yet a few) of them. My skills in jobless stripes and carrying yarn are not the best. I’ve started a crackerjack scarf that will hopefully help on both counts. I’m hoping a year from now I’ll be more confident in both.

Since I’ve only recently started blogging, I’m hoping a year from now I still will be. I’d like to be posting somewhat regularly (I’m hoping a couple times a week). Part of me hopes I’ll have figured out a bit of a direction, but another part enjoys the randomness.

I’ve always hated questions like “Where do you see yourself in a year? Five years?” but this was an oddly easy post. Looking forward to next year already!

Of Mittens and Monkeys

It’s day five of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and today’s topic is “something a bit different”. (I know; I should be a natural: different – this I know). 😉  I’ve chosen to write about my latest knitting predicament in the form of a poem, because when you’re pressed for time to finish knitting projects it only makes sense to write about it in verse.


It seemed like such a good idea
Birthday mittens and a toy
After all there’s only 9 of them
4 girls; the rest are boys

The first two went quite quickly
Done before each birthday
Things were going really well,
And then we got to May

The oldest and the youngest nephew
Two birthdays back to back
I started knitting early;
I could keep this thing on track

I don’t know quite what happened,
But time, it got away
I’m a long ways from ready,
And it’s the third week in May.

I have a pair of mittens
And a monkey that is done.
The other pair of mittens
Is only just begun.

But it’s a different story
For monkey number two
I just can’t shake the feeling
He will arrive long overdue

I have got him started;
There’s pieces here and there.
But there’s still another leg,
The ears, and the cursed hair.

Two days until the party,
I just don’t think I can
Finish both of these projects
In such a short time span.

But arriving without a present
Is just no choice at all
I’ve got to get them done,
My back’s against a wall

I’ll have to start tonight
When work is finally through
Then all I’ll do is knit;
It’s the only thing to do.

I know a cup of coffee
Will be my very best friend
I’ll keep drinking caffeine
Until I reach the end.

The kids will have their presents
My sanity, maybe not
I don’t know what I was thinking
When I had that stupid thought:

There’s still 5 more birthdays
From now til end of year.
I’ll go knit a couple rows,
And try to fight the tears.

Monkeying Around

Today is day 3 of the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.  Today was a challenge to take or use photos that are different than what you would normally do.  This was my result:

I was hoping he looked a bit like he was swinging through the jungle.  It’s a bit of challenge with flexible arms. (Pattern: A New Sock Monkey; Yarn: String Theory Colorworks Entanglement in Cobalt Hydroxide)

In Honour of the Lowly Dishcloth



I stumbled across the “5th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week” a few months ago. Each day for a week has a different topic to write about.  There’s a few topics that have piqued my interest; I’m not sure I’ll participate every day but I hope to tackle a couple. Today’s topic is:

Day One (Monday 12th May): A Day In The Life.
Describe a day in the life of a project that you have made, or are in the process of making.


This is an imaginary day in the life of the dishcloth that travels in my purse for spare moments, told from its perspective:


Here I am, another day in the bottom of this dark hole.  It is much nicer here since I got my own room. Really, couldn’t the needle operator have made sure that coffee cup was empty before throwing it in the bag of doom? Turns out I’m pretty good at soaking things up. The pens and keys were not good roommates: I need my personal space and they were always getting all tangled up in my business.

photo 1Maybe today will be the day I get to go outside again. Last time it felt like we were moving and I was out for a long time. I’d even take a small break in one of those rooms with all the people. It was kind of noisy and there certainly seemed to be a lot going on. Solitary confinement is not for me!

photo 2

I think there’s something exciting in my future. I heard the needle operator say something about being almost done and then I could go to my new home.  I’m sure once I’m there I’ll spend a lot of time just laying in the sun being admired.

photo 3

Oh, something’s happening!  Wait, what’s that noise?  Oh no, not the dog again!


Dishcloths aren’t “glamourous” knitting. People don’t sing their praises like they do a beautiful scarf, or shawl, or sweater. They get used and abused until they reach an undignified end. They are practical and useful though; my family requests them as gifts (and they are much easier and quicker than socks). That’s actually the best part. After 365 days of a stitch here and there I have a stack of beautiful handmade Christmas gifts already to roll out the door.

IMG_3264Despite the horrors they may live through traveling in my purse. 😉