After a very long winter and cold spring, there are finally signs the weather might be improving.  Even the bumble bees are enjoying the change in weather.

11 replies on “Signs of Spring

  1. Pretty flowers. My tulips and daffodils are finally starting to bloom, two weeks later than usual. Isn’t it wonderful to finally see spring flowers? This winter was dreadfully long.

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    1. My tulips and daffodils have just come through and usually have one or two for Mother’s Day. I’d say it’s at least two weeks behind here as well.


  2. You must be somewhere in Canada or the North East US that had that terrible winter. Glad to see signs of spring are on their way. Nice shot and how lucky was it to catch that bee.
    Thanks so much for the visit and follow over at CTB 😀 too.


      1. I am from Ontario (but currently in Shanghai). My parents are from the East coast -NS. It was a terrible winter for you all. My Aunt in NS was saying in April they had 50cm of snow! That is crazy!!! Glad I missed this winter 😉
        Nice to ‘meet’ you. Thanks for stopping by again.

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