Tuesday I had to opportunity to travel to Campobello Island for a meeting.  While it’s “right there” (probably about 10 km at the nearest points) it is around 5 driving hours round trip.  Those hours do not include the 4 border crossings or the 2 ferry crossings.  And while it’s “right there” I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this is only my third trip ever. Tuesday was also a bit of an “unplugged” day.  Cell coverage is a bit spotty (at best) along the drive.  I didn’t have a U.S. calling plan on my phone so the times I did have coverage, I didn’t want to use it. While I love my iPhone it was nice to have no expectation of contact with anyone. Tuesday it did feel like spring had actually broken through. I wished at one point I had thrown a pair of sandals in the car to change into on the ride home (the first time I’ve had that feeling this year). I even turned on the air conditioner.  My car immediately went into shock that it was that warm, blew the AC clutch (I didn’t know there was such a thing) and is now awaiting a transplant. True story. At least it happened now and not mid summer. 🙂

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