I stumbled across the “5th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week” a few months ago. Each day for a week has a different topic to write about.  There’s a few topics that have piqued my interest; I’m not sure I’ll participate every day but I hope to tackle a couple. Today’s topic is:

Day One (Monday 12th May): A Day In The Life.
Describe a day in the life of a project that you have made, or are in the process of making.


This is an imaginary day in the life of the dishcloth that travels in my purse for spare moments, told from its perspective:


Here I am, another day in the bottom of this dark hole.  It is much nicer here since I got my own room. Really, couldn’t the needle operator have made sure that coffee cup was empty before throwing it in the bag of doom? Turns out I’m pretty good at soaking things up. The pens and keys were not good roommates: I need my personal space and they were always getting all tangled up in my business.

photo 1Maybe today will be the day I get to go outside again. Last time it felt like we were moving and I was out for a long time. I’d even take a small break in one of those rooms with all the people. It was kind of noisy and there certainly seemed to be a lot going on. Solitary confinement is not for me!

photo 2

I think there’s something exciting in my future. I heard the needle operator say something about being almost done and then I could go to my new home.  I’m sure once I’m there I’ll spend a lot of time just laying in the sun being admired.

photo 3

Oh, something’s happening!  Wait, what’s that noise?  Oh no, not the dog again!


Dishcloths aren’t “glamourous” knitting. People don’t sing their praises like they do a beautiful scarf, or shawl, or sweater. They get used and abused until they reach an undignified end. They are practical and useful though; my family requests them as gifts (and they are much easier and quicker than socks). That’s actually the best part. After 365 days of a stitch here and there I have a stack of beautiful handmade Christmas gifts already to roll out the door.

IMG_3264Despite the horrors they may live through traveling in my purse. 😉


2 replies on “In Honour of the Lowly Dishcloth

  1. I’m just learning to knit again after 3 strokes, and I’m working on my first dishcloth! It will be cute, with a little VW Bug on the front for hubby (who now does most everything). It’s harder than I thought it would be, but it’s fun and so worth it!


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