It’s day five of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and today’s topic is “something a bit different”. (I know; I should be a natural: different – this I know). 😉  I’ve chosen to write about my latest knitting predicament in the form of a poem, because when you’re pressed for time to finish knitting projects it only makes sense to write about it in verse.


It seemed like such a good idea
Birthday mittens and a toy
After all there’s only 9 of them
4 girls; the rest are boys

The first two went quite quickly
Done before each birthday
Things were going really well,
And then we got to May

The oldest and the youngest nephew
Two birthdays back to back
I started knitting early;
I could keep this thing on track

I don’t know quite what happened,
But time, it got away
I’m a long ways from ready,
And it’s the third week in May.

I have a pair of mittens
And a monkey that is done.
The other pair of mittens
Is only just begun.

But it’s a different story
For monkey number two
I just can’t shake the feeling
He will arrive long overdue

I have got him started;
There’s pieces here and there.
But there’s still another leg,
The ears, and the cursed hair.

Two days until the party,
I just don’t think I can
Finish both of these projects
In such a short time span.

But arriving without a present
Is just no choice at all
I’ve got to get them done,
My back’s against a wall

I’ll have to start tonight
When work is finally through
Then all I’ll do is knit;
It’s the only thing to do.

I know a cup of coffee
Will be my very best friend
I’ll keep drinking caffeine
Until I reach the end.

The kids will have their presents
My sanity, maybe not
I don’t know what I was thinking
When I had that stupid thought:

There’s still 5 more birthdays
From now til end of year.
I’ll go knit a couple rows,
And try to fight the tears.

3 replies on “Of Mittens and Monkeys

  1. Love it! Funny and very realistic. I chose to pass today because I am just exhausted and cannot think of anything different. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Posting something every day is quite challenging, isn’t it?


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