Month: June 2014

A Good Day to Fly

One of the great things about my job is that sometimes I get to travel by small plane. It is such a different perspective and despite my motion sickness I mostly enjoy it.

Today was a crystal-clear beautiful summer day and because of ferry difficulties we ended up flying to St. Stephen. I played tourist while enroute.


There was a spare headset for me today too but no where to plug it in so I could talk…at least that’s what they told me. ūüėČ



This week’s photo challenge is “Between“. I usually read the challenges but rarely come up with something that “fits”. Yesterday though, I looked in the back yard to see where the tide was and I thought “Oh, it’s between”. ¬†Bingo!   Several times a day, mostly subconsciously, I’ll look towards the water to see where the tide is. Twice a…

It’s Summertime!

Today was (is) the longest day of the year. I took advantage of it falling on a weekend (Yay!) combined with good weather (a little wind, but sunny and warm) to finally¬†put my plants in their containers. I have had them for a while and have never had the combination of free time/good weather to put them in their pots.…

Apparently I Make BBQ Sauce

I had this crazy idea last week that I should make BBQ sauce for my Father’s Day Barbecue¬†on the weekend. ¬†One: because I’d watched a bit too much of the Food Network; and two:¬†because my oldest nephew has a corn allergy and BBQ sauce is one of those things that is sometimes challenging to find. (My brother and sister-in-law offered…

Celestial Navigation

Part of our Grade 10 Phys Ed curriculum was a segment on orienteering. We studied maps and learned to use compasses. Then we were set loose for the practical portion of the class – navigating through the woods following directions based on the skills we had learned. We scoffed at the parental permission slips with all the arrogance of 15…