Something I’ve wanted to try for a while is a project that tracks an event through colour such temperature, sky colour, etc. So when I saw the pattern for Cracker Jack it seemed like the perfect fit. Colours are assigned for wins (white/home; red/away) and losses (light blue/home; dark blue/away) with each game represented by 2 rows. I’ve really had fun watching the pattern develop, especially the red and white band for their winning streak. 20140601-215627-78987342.jpg

3 replies on “Blue Jays Cracker Jack Cowl

  1. What a fun idea!! My husband and I love to watch the St. Louis Cardinals play and this would be a fun project to work on while watching…who knows, maybe it could even take a trip to a game in real life!!


  2. I made the scarf in 2014 and this year I am working on home and away socks. So many people ‘follow’ my cracker jack projects that I have to complete them! Not a bad way to capture the season!

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