I had this crazy idea last week that I should make BBQ sauce for my Father’s Day Barbecue on the weekend.  One: because I’d watched a bit too much of the Food Network; and two: because my oldest nephew has a corn allergy and BBQ sauce is one of those things that is sometimes challenging to find. (My brother and sister-in-law offered some from their stash; I chose not to believe it was because they were fearful of how my experiment would turnout.)

I pinned a couple of recipes that looked relatively easy (i.e., within my skill set) and able to be made corn free. The first was a basic barbecue sauce. The second was a maple whiskey barbecue sauce.

My whiskey and maple syrup look a bit alike.
My whiskey and maple syrup look a bit alike.


Friday night I mixed them up and let them simmer away:

Maple Whiskey and Basic Sauces


It was surprisingly easy except one of my pots was too short and the sauce simmered quite vigourously. Everyone ate them and like them. Both sauces are good for up to a month in the fridge. It’s nice knowing what is in them and that there’s not a lot of additives or preservatives. While I’m sure I’ll continue to use store bought BBQ sauce, I can see me making a batch every now or then.

My only other tip would be this: the final step in the maple whiskey sauce is to puree the sauce in a blender until smooth.  This would be the step I skipped because I was sure I cut the onions up fine enough. I didn’t. The dollar store squeeze bottle didn’t hold up to the squeezing pressure required to extricate the onion stoppage.  Enough said.


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