Month: July 2014

The Sock Story

The answer to today’s Daily Prompt about what you prefer in a handmade version seems abundantly obvious to me: I love my hand knit socks. I know the efficiency level of knitting a pair of socks vs. buying a pair of socks doesn’t even compare. The cost of the sock yarn alone will buy you several pair of decent socks.…

Sometimes It’s More Fun to Wonder

A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge; the prompt was “Relic”. I had passed the abandoned vessel earlier in the week and wondered at its origin. I imagined dramatic stories of storms or mechanical breakdowns; of daring rescues and bold heroes. (I have quite an active imagination…) And then last week, what should appear…

Pottery Class

This spring I took a pottery class with my mother and sister. While I knit, I’ve never really considered myself crafty or artistic.  Quite the opposite in fact. I thought it would be fun to learn a bit about pottery and a good chance to spend time together.  My sole goal: have my mug not leak.

As it happened, I really enjoyed the class. I don’t think it’s a skill I naturally possess, but it’s fun to see things that I created. I like to think of my style as “authentically rustic”. The lines aren’t even or smooth; my bowls are a bit more oval than round; but I’m very psyched that I made them myself. 🙂

Year Long Afghan Knit-a-Long

Back in May I saw a link to a year long afghan knit-a-long. The pattern for a new square is released each month and at the end of a year you have 12 different squares to create an afghan. I like the idea of knitting a square each month; it seemed much less overwhelming than starting an entire afghan. Today…

Relic Along the Eastern Shore

This week’s photo challenge once again seemed very timely: an image for the word “relic”.



Small fishing boats dot the coastline drive and then we came to this wharf with this vessel. So many questions:

  • What was it?
  • How did it get there?
  • Why is it still there?

With only the eery relic surrounded by fog for answers.

Blog Hoppin’

I was nominated by Knit out loud to participate in a blog hop about the creative process.  I’ve never really considered myself “creative” per se but I guess my obsession with knitting does qualify as “creative”.  So, here it goes:   1. What am I working on? More projects than I should have on the go at once!  Since I’m…