In effort to break out of my knitting funk I took advantage of the Canada Day holiday and Hurricane Arthur’s trip through the Maritimes on Saturday to try and get myself to a happier place with my knitting. Having a lot of projects in not good places was making everything not fun, so I decided to face the issue head on.  Canada Day I sewed in the ends on a pair of socks that have been sitting done but for that for weeks.  The fact they were a birthday gift for this week was a bit of incentive to start things off:

Vanilla Socks in Red Heart’s Heart and Sole


Last fall I went to an afternoon workshop on the Honey Comb Shadow Lace Shawl. I liked the pattern; it was a fun knit.  I worked away on it until I got distracted by Christmas knitting. It’s been languishing in my knitting basket where I’d keep looking at it wishing I’d finish it. So with the winds of Arthur knocking out power (only for 45 minutes for me; much luckier than many) I picked it up again:

Knitting by candlelight
Knitting by candlelight

I cast off Saturday night and sewed in the ends today. I knit it in yarn that came together as a set: String Theory Colorworks Inertia in “Apus” and Haldecraft’s Andre in “None of Your Beeswax”.  (“None of Your Beeswax” and “Honey Comb” – how perfect is that!) 🙂

Honey Comb Shadow Lace
All ready for blocking


Since I was in the sewing up mode, I even did a couple of dishcloths (I don’t know why I avoid this part of knitting):

Sugar ‘n’ Creme and Knit Picks Dishie


I’d also been avoiding my Crackerjack Cowl. I started the project with yarn from my stash that were the perfect colours.  I had multiple balls of each except for the light blue.  As I got to the end of May I was getting an uneasy feeling that I was going to run out before I ran out of games.

As of June 1 games with remaining yarn.
As of June 1 games with remaining yarn.

I also wasn’t thrilled with the transition between colours.  This was one of the skills that I was hoping to improve with this project:


So, I ripped it out and started over. It was frustrating to have come that far to go backwards, but I knew it would be worse to do in August or September.  I liked the width of the stripes so I decreased from 50 to 30 stitches.  Hopefully that will get me to the end of the season.  My goal next weekend is to at least get to where I was if not caught up all together. I feel better about knitting knowing I’m (hopefully) not looking at getting almost done and running out of yarn.



The magic has worn off my two at a time socks. I hadn’t picked them up in ages probably because they were approaching the heel flap.  A bit of time and voila:

Heels turned!

These will be my first of nine pair of Christmas socks for nieces and nephews.


While I’m trying not to think about looming deadlines (yet) part of my issue has been that I’m about to hit the road for work travel for the next 5 days. I will normally take a sock with me in case I have a chance to work on it during a meeting, but I don’t like working on the heel or toe (it takes a bit more concentration).  Of course, my current sock project is here:


The dreaded heel flap
The dreaded heel flap

Hopefully the two ferry crossings tomorrow will move me on to the instep. Otherwise I’m starting another pair…because that’s exactly what I need: another unfinished project.

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