Someone cheerfully pointed out today that it’s 13 weeks til Christmas.  While I knew it was coming (the no’theast gale outside tonight is a pretty good clue) I wasn’t ready to put an actual number on it.

Several years ago I started knitting socks for my nieces and nephews for Christmas.  They were little; their feet were also little.  There were fewer of them; now there’s 9. That means 18 socks.  In 13 weeks.

My panic is beginning to subside slightly. It’s not like I’m starting from zero.  I started two at a time socks in May:


I should probably finish them soon.

I have another pair started I’ve been working on in meetings:


And that’s it. Not even a full pair.

My goal: finish these two pair, plus another 2 pair next month.

Bring on Sock-tober!



3 replies on “Sock-tober is Coming

  1. It looks like you’re off to a good start! Thanks for the reminder about Socktober. I need two pairs of socks before the end of October. I currently have 1.5 socks – and that’s not even going to make a pair!


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