Month: October 2014

Five Years Ago

I was in a meeting this morning when the news alert flashed across my phone: “shots fired on parliament hill”. Given the political climate right now it felt from the beginning that the outcome wouldn’t be good. I got on the road and started driving, and other than a brief stop at McDonald’s (specifically chosen because there are televisions) my…

Ahoy Matey

It sounds good to say homemade gifts come from the heart and are made with love, but when you are giving hand knits to a 3 year old boy who is obsessed with tractors and dump trucks, mittens and a sock monkey can seem a bit on the boring side. At the party today the mittens were left in the gift bag for his mother but the monkey came out; got hugs; and promptly left for adventures, including one on a pirate ship:

IMG_5790It’s always good when the love is returned.

Apparently I Like Green

I’ve made a concerted effort this week to finish some of my “almost done” projects.  The fact the monkey and mittens are for a birthday party tomorrow helped for motivation.  Apparently green is a colour of choice for me – picnic table included!


Refraction is the change of direction of a wave. This summer our island of 2,500 was rocked repeatedly by tragedy. No one began September as they were at the beginning of July. Tonight we came together to celebrate the community that we are. We tied ribbons on a tree and remembered. Remembered and hoped that we had changed directions from the summer that was. Hoped and believed that in a much bigger sense, we have all changed direction.


Man Overboard Drills

I had the opportunity to attend “Man Overboard” drills in two locations this week. The concept is simple but effective: have someone go in the water and have local fishermen try to get him back aboard the boat under different scenarios: conscious, unconscious, etc.  While conditions in the harbour were better than they likely would be in a real life scenario, it did generate discussion about what worked, what didn’t, and for the fishermen watching from the wharf: how it could transfer to other boats.  Hopefully the techniques in these drills will never have to be used but if they do, hopefully these drills will have helped. It’s a practical approach that’s relatable for people on the water.

“As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and a link to the classic WKRP in Cincinnati episode “Turkeys Away” in my Facebook newsfeed has prompted me to binge-watch this weekend, at least the season one dvds. This series has always been one of my all favourites. What struck me this weekend is how well the series held up. The eclectic characters are…