It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and a link to the classic WKRP in Cincinnati episode “Turkeys Away” in my Facebook newsfeed has prompted me to binge-watch this weekend, at least the season one dvds.

This series has always been one of my all favourites. What struck me this weekend is how well the series held up. The eclectic characters are still funny: let’s face it: Herb Tarlick’s suits will always be good for a laugh. But what really struck me about watching season one was how easy it would have been for the characters to be the caricatures they appear to be at first glance. What makes the show still relevant and watchable today is that they didn’t. Mr. Carlson, the clueless station manager who’s never really sure what’s going on, talks calmly to a young girl through a tornado. Herb for all his chasing of Jennifer, really loves his wife Lucille and is heart-broken when they split. Without ever breaking character, they prove to be more than the outlines they first appear to be.

That being said, with a work week that included 3 evening meetings resulting in a PVR that was reaching its maximum capacity, I found myself watching old DVDs. Very little in the PVR appealed to me as much as re-runs of show that aired when I was in elementary school.  I used to enjoy sitcoms more than dramas but the only sitcom I watch consistently now is “The Big Bang Theory”. I’ve started others but the humour seemed more mean spirited than funny. As a big fan of sarcasm, I realize it’s a fine line. Maybe I’m being picky, but I like to believe that the characters actually like each other (like Herb going on the ledge to rescue Les). Otherwise, it just feels like high school clique-y-ness.  And that’s not fun to watch.

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  1. I’ve got WKRP on dvd too. I’m trying to get a lot of the old shows from when I was a kid for Ella to watch. She’s 9 now and outgrowing ‘The Backyardigans’ and I refuse to let her watch the next stage of programming. It’s just about boys and being fashionable and popular. None of the qualities we worry about. She even has no desire to watch them (thank you God). So I’ve picked up some Dukes of Hazzard and am looking for Little House on the Prairie. I’d love to find The Campbells on dvd, but it doesn’t look like anyone has transferred them to digital. Too bad, there isn’t much good Canadian programming. I wonder if I can find The Beachcombers???

    Those old shows were great. The whole family could watch and you didn’t have to worry about what might be said or how little might be worn. Ella loves Big Bang too, though sometimes they get a little ‘more’ than I’d like, luckily those comments seem to go over her head for now. Though I must say, Penny’s unhappiness as she sleeps her way through Pasadena did give me a way to start talking to Ella about not having a million boyfriends and waiting for the right one 🙂

    Turkeys Away has to be one of the best ones ever!

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    1. Have you tried “When Calls the Heart”? It just started a couple of weeks ago on CBC. It might be a hit old for her, but I watched it last week with my 11 year old niece and she was quite into it. It has a “Little House on the Prairie” feel to it (Michael Landon Jr. is a producer). It’s one of my current favourites and has an old-time show flavour to it and nothing I would worry about watching with children. It’s hard to find shows like that (and I completely agree with you about the “next stage” shows)!


      1. My husband and I have been watching that one. It’s really good. He said ‘hey CBC is making a good show with our tax dollars!’ 🙂 It’s too late for her, but I wonder if CBC has it for sale…

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