I started October with great intentions: I was going to knit socks.  A lot of socks.  I would be ready for Christmas.  Intentions were good, but you know what they say about good intentions…

I did finish one pair:

And finally a pair of socks!

My two-at-a-time socks are still on the needle:


But they are so close to the toe decrease I can practically taste it!

I finished one green sock and started another through a variety of meetings and conference calls:


Now, it’s November.  Fortunately for my sanity my Facebook friends have stopped posting how many weekends to Christmas, but I know it’s not many. However, it’s a windy, stormy weekend (gusts of 48 knots and the forecast is still increasing)  perfect for movies and knitting.

I’m not completely panicked yet but talk to me at the end of November!

7 replies on “Sock-tober was a bust

  1. My former housemate tried her hand at knitting baby booties – only to find that each bootie was a different size to the last. She saw no chance of making a pair and gave up. Your socks look well-matched 🙂


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