When the calendar turned to November yesterday, so did Mother Nature.  The wind has been howling since yesterday morning.  Ferry crossings for today day have been cancelled; it’s a good day for pjs and movies.

Out my window this morning
Out my window this morning

In checking out the current conditions at Swallowtail lighthouse, the last line made me chuckle:


Growing up, we had 2 television channels (CBC and CTV); 3 (PBS) if it wasn’t too stormy. Once we owned a VCR, Mum would record shows for us to watch and we would – over and over. One of our favourites was “Muppet Family Christmas”. We watched it everyday until the VCR tape broke.  My siblings and I still can recite most of the movie and quotes from it are part of our regular conversation: “Careful of the icy patch!”  The part that always made me laugh was the newscast:

Any mention of falling barometers still makes me smile. 🙂

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