The lobster fishery on Grand Manan opens tomorrow.  The boats all leave from the wharf at the same time tomorrow morning, loaded with traps, headed out for grounds both near and far from shore.


The beginning of lobster season is always met with a great deal of excitement, anticipation, and trepidation. There’s the excitement of a new beginning; the anticipation of what is to come; and trepidation of the unknown.


In the days leading up to the season, weather watching becomes an obsession. There are the standbys (Environment Canada and NOAA) along with new favourites.  I admit to a recent obsession with Windfinder. I suspected it was slightly out of control when I was shown a French weather site that had the “best maps“.  I have to admit, they are good but the fact that using a foreign language weather site seems normal speaks volumes about the heights this obsession has reached.  (I also love the fact that Environment Canada includes a “Marine Weather Statement” for the startup of the southwest New Brunswick lobster season in its synopsis.)



My parents, brother, and brother in law are all going fishing tomorrow, as they do every year. Watching the boats leave on setting day is exciting, and a bit emotional.  (I usually end up teary crying).  It’s the only time of year that the everyone in the fishery is doing exactly the same thing at the same time.  The sense of purpose is palpable in the air. Family and friends are crowded on the wharf waving them off. There’s a real connection to the now and to generations past. It’s almost impossible to explain and unforgettable once you’ve experienced it.

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