Two at a time socks – finally off the needles. I’m glad I tried this technique (and gladder I’m finally finished) but I think for me my familiarity and ease of knitting socks on DPNs far out ways the gratification of being done both socks at the same time.


5 replies on “Double Done

  1. I have tried socks 2 at a time on 2 circulars each and recently picked up DPNs, but I’m doing them at the same time on two sets of DPNs…I am enjoying the DPNs the most. Lord knows I can’t do them one at a time or I’d have a drawer full of singles 🙂

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  2. I’m firmly in the two at a time on two circulars camp. Part of the reason is that I would never knit the second sock, but another part is that I’m terrible about keeping notes about what I’ve done. What are your tips for making sure both socks are the same length? Do you count rows, or do you knit to the same measurement and figure that’s close enough?


    1. I normally knit with self-striping yarn and I’m anal about them matching, so I use the colours as a measure. With the solid yarns, I take measurements, but if I’m not home and don’t have a measuring tape, I’ve been known to eyeball it and call it close enough.

      I definitely get the attraction of two at a time; I’m knitting a second sock now and am so ready to move on to a new colour!


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