It’s one week to Christmas and I’m starting to believe my knitting goals (at least the ones I still have) for gifts for that day may not happen.  I’ve already edited my plans.  A lot.  But I’ve still been clinging to the hope/wish/dream (however unrealistic) that I could have nine pair of socks for my nieces and nephews done by then.


I’ve made good progress but to finish I’d have to finish a sock everyday between now and then.  I know that Christmas will come whether I’ve finished or not. In the grand scheme of life, this is incredibly minor. With only socks for my nephews who are 3 and under left to finish, they probably aren’t going to notice or care if I’m late.


But I’ll notice and care.  I want to finish them. So, I hear a cup of coffee and my needles calling. And one week from now, hopefully I’ll be knitting with my coffee, but more calmly without this sense of impending doom.


One thought on “I’m not sure I’m going to make it

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