Month: January 2015


Living in Canada, you tend to expect a certain amount of bad weather through the winter. If there wasn’t, it wouldn’t be Canada, it would be the Caribbean. Today we were hit with a particularly bad nor’easter. Being Canada, we continue with business open as usual through most conditions. But with the forecasts yesterday, most places went home from work…

Kate Plus 8 (Plus Lobster)

I sat down to watch this week’s “Kate Plus 8” fully prepared to be annoyed and/or outraged.  According to the commercial, the premise was pretty straight forward: a showdown over whether the lobsters caught on vacation should be cooked. Coming from a fishing community and fishing family and working for a commercial fishermen’s organization, clearly I’m pretty ok with lobster…

Vapour on the Water

On these cold winter days when vapour forms on the water it’s normally wispy and a bit wavy, especially near shore. This morning it had developed into a thick bank obscuring the houses across the harbour and creating an eerie glow.