I always knew that knitting was a tactile venture, but I don’t think I really KNEW it until I tried knitting with gloves yesterday. I knit without looking all the time, so clearly it’s my sense of touch that allows me to do that.  But I never thought about it until I tried that first stitch with gloves.

First, it wasn’t just idle curiosity.  It’s freakin’ cold out and I was looking at a 1 hour flight. I’d had a couple of cups of coffee, so napping wasn’t an option.  I get motion sick, so I couldn’t really read; besides I read on my iPad, and I do know I can’t swipe with gloves on.  So knitting it was.

As I made that first deliberate stitch, I realized just how much concentration it took to make that motion.  The motion that I’ve made countless times without thinking.  I was working on a dishcloth; it wasn’t like I was knitting complicated lace, but it took the same level of concentration to make a stitch as it did when I started.

As I continued knitting, I realized how amazing it is that those few movements of hands and fingers repeated time after time end up creating hats or socks or mittens or sweaters. And how amazing it is that I stuck with a hobby that took that much effort and concentration to learn. 🙂

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