Last week (did the New Year really only start a week ago??) one end-of-one-year/beginning-of-a-new-year posts caught my eye. Knitting Sarah suggested taking a photo of your knitting/spinning each day to share. While I was intrigued, I was also skeptical about my ability to follow through. I was more skeptical about how interesting it would be for me, let alone anyone else. (“Oh look: she’s still knitting the same sock!”).

For the last week I’ve been posting my “Today on my Needles” pictures on Instagram and it is actually cool to look back and see the progress I’ve made on projects.  I don’t know if I’m knitting more, but it feels like I’m making more visible progress on things (and I’ve tried to mix it up with more than just the same pair of socks).

I’m thinking I made include periodic updates here as well.  I’m wondering how you track progress on your projects?

Today on my needles:
“Oh look: she’s still knitting the same sock!” I really didn’t time that well.

6 replies on “Today on my Needles

  1. I try to keep track on Ravelry, but I have not been so good at it these past weeks, maybe because I have too many projects ongoing. I usually try to put the finished items on Instagram first, then do a proper picture for Ravelry. Todayon my needles is a good hastag, I’ll check it out and maybe contribute. But on the other end, it might become boring for our followers to keep seeing the same project for days, weeks or months….What do you think?


    1. I go in fits and starts with Revelry; I’m really good with tracking for a while then it completely falls off the rails. I worry about it being boring as well, especially for my non-knitting friends. So far the only comment is that I appear to have knitting ADD because I’m switching between projects so much. 😉

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  2. I think that’s a great use of Instagram – I’m never exactly sure what to do on it. On my blog I try to track a project each month and this year I’d like to add a finished object post each month. Now, fingers crossed I finish a project every month!

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