Living in Canada, you tend to expect a certain amount of bad weather through the winter. If there wasn’t, it wouldn’t be Canada, it would be the Caribbean. Today we were hit with a particularly bad nor’easter. Being Canada, we continue with business open as usual through most conditions. But with the forecasts yesterday, most places went home from work anticipating it would be Wednesday before they were back. Our local ferry service even took an unheard of precaution of moving the ferry to the mainland to ride out the storm in a more sheltered cove. The weather lived up to its billing. I’m not sure about the snowfall; there’s bare ground and massive drifts. The wind has consistently been over 100 km/hour all day with a gust this morning of 153. The result:

IMG_7056 Near white out conditions this morning. It improved slightly this afternoon:


IMG_7058 Now, the power had been out for about an hour. My parents just had theirs restored so I’m hoping mine will be soon. In the meantime:

IMG_7076 I’m knitting by candlelight wrapped in a blanket. I’m thankful I’m in a warm (but getting slightly cool) house and I’m grateful to the power workers, snow plow drivers and emergency services workers who couldn’t take a snow day today. I’m wondering what your weather is like today?

5 replies on “Blizzard

  1. The view out my window looks like yours. 🙂 We haven’t lost our power yet and still have high wind and snow coming down. Fun times. I got a good deal of a sock knitted today, though I’m not going to be able to finish it as I’d hoped.

    Hope your power is back soon!


  2. I live in Florida, and it was a bit chilly here. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been for the wind. I don’t know how fast it was actually blowing, but it was making whitecaps on small retention ponds. The temperature was a balmy 47° when I started out. I don’t know what it ended up.


  3. Hope you get the power back soon. Here in Montréal it is very sunny today, but still icy cold, same as the past few weeks. Occasionnally the temperature goes up, we get a bit of snow, and it goes down again. Oh well, as you say, it is Canada. As least the days are getting longer, it makes a lot of difference. Soon it will be February, the shortest month of the year, and when March pops up, it means Spring is not far. Hang in there !


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