With great anticipation
I boarded the plane
Getting out of this snow
Was the name of the game

Clutched in my hand
Was my yarn in a bag
The people who want socks
Are beginning to nag

I’ve been knitting a while
And I was almost done
But finishing en route
Just isn’t as fun

The last thing to do
To finish the toe
Is the Kitchener stitch
As any knitter knows

A proper sock bind off
Is a bit of a trick
Tricky, not hard
If you make the rules stick

A little concentration
And “Wham, Bam” you’re done
I took a deep breath
I could so get this one

Things were going just fine
My mind was at ease
And that’s when it happened
As quick as you please

My lovely little needle
Flew far from my hand
I wanted to scream
“Oh where will it land?”

With a clink and a clatter
It fell to the floor
I tried valiantly to reach it
But it was mine no more

Even upon landing
I looked to no avail
Five needles, now four
It’s quite a sad tale

And if by some chance
While traveling by plane
You’re stabbed by a sock needle
I’m SO not to blame

Eight Days

I started Poetry two zero one
Thinking it could be lots of fun
But I’ve gotten a cold
And I’m feeling so old
And I long for a glimpse of the sun

Outside the door are piles of snow
But it’s only eight days til I go
Somewhere where it’s hot
It’s a tropical spot
And warm are the breezes that blow

Eight days til I set foot on the plane
Has my planning all been in vain?
And I feel like a jerk
I’ve stayed home work
Waiting for this wheezing to wain

The things on my list must get done
I’ll cross each one off one by one
Though my list is so long,
Worry doesn’t belong
While I’m lying about in the sun

Everyone’s Different

Today in my Facebook newsfeed appeared a link to a blog post entitled “5 ways to make using DPNs easier“.  I clicked it with a little smugness; I love knitting with DPNs so I was SURE I was already doing most of things on the list. Maybe I’d pick up a trick or two, but I had DPNs down.

I do none of them. Not a single one.

After I picked my chin up off my keyboard I had a little chuckle.  They’re good tips.  They would work well.  But they don’t necessarily work for me.


1. Cast on all stitches onto one needle

It’s a great way to not twist the stitches.  But slipping fingering weight yarn from one 2.25 mm to another makes me want to stab my eyeball with said needle.  Enough said.

2. Start your round mid-needle

It’s a great idea to avoid joining between 2 needles and the (sometimes inevitable) twist. I think it would rock if knitting stripes with non-self-striping yarn.  But without a stitch marker, I’m not sure I’d ever know where the “beginning” and “end” was.  (That’s not necessarily a deal breaker for me).  I might try this sometime.

3. Use 4 DPNs, not 5

The triangle theory that’s explained in the post makes sense, but I end up with fewer ladders when I use 5 needles (square vs. triangle). I also like the same number of stitches on my each of my needles (anal, I know) and I can divide by 4 easier than 3.

4. Stop mid-needle

This is brilliant.  I like finishing at the end of a needles; it feels, well, finished; but I need to attempt to reduce needle loss anyway I can.

5. Use grippy needles

I’ve used wooden needles, bamboo needles, and square needles.  My current favourite sock needle? Basic round, metal needles from Knit Picks.


Does this mean I don’t know what I’m doing when I use my DPNs? No.  Does it mean I think the list is crap? No. I think it’s why there are no knitting police: do what works for you.  Try to learn from other people.  And please, be careful not to twist.