Rick Mercer is one of my favourite comedians; I love his take on our weather over the past two weeks.

Our “flurries” over the weekend turned into another 30 cm but only over the island.  We have another couple potential storms on the way. I think I feel my mammoth tusks growing.

2 replies on “Have I mentioned it snowed?

  1. I had forgotten about Rick Mercer since I stopped watching TV a few years back. Now you make me want check his shows online, he’s so funny. This weather report is hilarious. Here in Quebec the snow has not been as abundant as in your corner, but between intense cold and regular snowfalls, this is a harsh winter. At least we have our knitting to comfort ourselves. Which reminds me I need to cast on for another pair of socks, Winter is far from over.


    1. Rick Mercer is hysterical. I don’t watch regularly but every time I do I think I should watch it more. We’re looking at a couple more potential storms in the next week; I’m definitely getting some knitting time in! 🙂


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