When I pack for any type of trip I always seriously overestimate how much knitting time I’ll have.  For an extended trip like a vacation, there’s also the question of what I’ll feel like knitting over that duration, while keeping the projects small enough to fit in my suitcase.


At the beginning of my vacation, my yarn cabinet (yes, I made a yarn cabinet in my vacation bedroom) looked like this:



I “may” have picked up some yarn:




But I also knit a few things like dishcloths and these mittens:



(My made-up pattern in Willow Yarns Daily Worsted Tiger Lily)


So by the end of vacation, my yarn cabinet looked like this:




I’m wondering if you over pack yarn for travel?

7 replies on “What I Knit on My Winter Vacation

  1. I try to travel light so no more than two knitting projects. But I do tend to grab yarn if I find some on my trip, like I did in France recently (13 balls to add to my stash). A yarn cabinet on your vacation: pretty cool ! I want to know what this multicolor skein is…please. 😉


  2. I totally over pack craft projects… For two reasons: I usually tend to overestimate. time I’ll have knitting, and I’m also scared I would get bored with one project, so I always bring at least two (if not 3,… Or 4). We are going away with the both kids for a weekend on Friday, and I know I will pack 2 projects, and most likely work for 5 minutes on one of the them… Can’t help myself.


  3. On my last trip, I packed 3 things…a barely started sweater, a barely started Curl, and a 1/3 of the way finished cowl…I did buy 3 things of sock yarn on that trip, wound one of them and cast them on with (newly bought) needles for the plane ride home. I often panic that I’ll run out of projects or that I’ll get bored, or that the things I’ve brought are too involved or big, hence the “need” to start a simple sock 🙂

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