Crafting Confessions

I don’t like handpainted yarn. Or at least, I don’t like the things I knit with handpainted yarn.  I understand the attraction: it looks so pretty in the skein.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been lured in by a unique colour combination. Or a cool name.  Or a limited edition. Or a not-so-unique colour combination in colours I love.  You get the drift.


But then it comes time to knit and I end up with inevitable pooling. I’ve tried different patterns and needles, but the end result is the same: awkward stripes or big blobs of colour. I’ve seen other people’s projects where the colours flow with no pooling. I admit to a certain amount a great deal of jealousy that they can create these wonders.


With my latest pair of socks, I think I’ve finally accepted that I am a self-striping sock knitter.  I like my socks to match.  It actually bothers me when I can’t make them line up.

My name is Bonnie and I don’t like handpainted yarns.


I wonder how long I’ll actually remember that.

Books and Yarn

Recently link appeared in my Facebook feed for “Love Inspired Knits”, a contest whose prize was yarn and romance novels.  Hello, the title  might as well have been “Bonnie this contest is for you!” (I’m trying not to think about how creepy it is that Facebook choses ads based on tracking cookies. I like to think of it as a nice coincidence.)

Clearly I have a problem affection for yarn. This is not news. My novels of choice are light, fluffy, with an easy plot and a happy ending. Just a nice, simple distraction.  Best of all, the contest is open to Canadian residents as well. The contest closes April 20 so there’s still time to enter or check out the existing entries.

(I have no affiliation with this contest; I’m just really excited about a contest that has yarn and books as a prize). 😉

My Sign of Spring

Most people seem to have a landmark that means spring has arrived.  For me, it’s my grandmother’s crocus blooming.  Usually when I get home from vacation there’s a few that are peaking out.  There  certainly weren’t flowers this year.  But this week, a bit a green peaked out and in a couple of days, there they were.


Finally spring!  And then tonight, this:




I’m wondering if this winter will ever really end.