Month: May 2015

An Experiment in Sandwich Making

I’m a bit of a Food Network addict but it doesn’t always translate into experiments in cooking. Today I decided to try a recipe I saw for a curry lobster rolls, with a few modifications (most notably, it’s raining and I was too wimpy to go outside and grill). It was a super easy recipe: fry some onions, add curry…

Today on my Needles

I swear self-striping yarn knits faster than other yarns:

PS:  It’s May 23 and it snowed today.  Anyone want to take bets that it’ll snow in June? 😜

A Long Weekend in May

Victoria Day weekend is a bit of an unofficial start to summer. While it sometimes is warm, this year Friday was nice and the rest of the weekend turned cool/cold, sometimes with wind; sometimes with rain. So really very much in keeping with the rest of the weather this year. Nevertheless, it was full of family, beaches, birthdays, and weddings. Hopefully that, more than the weather, is a sign of the summer to come.

Knitting on the Job

My entire adult life (and really some time before) I’ve worked for a non-profit fishermen’s association.  That’s over 22 years, plus a couple of summers as a student. Clearly it’s something I enjoy, at least most of the time.  A colleague says you have to have “a fire in your belly” to do this type of work for any length…