Like most people who knit socks, I end up with very pretty bits and pieces of yarn with not much to do with them.  And like many of those people I stumbled across the Sock Yarn Blanket when looking for a project for the odds and ends.  Without fully realizing what I was getting into, I cheerfully cast one on.  According to Ravelry, this was 2009.  I started knitting and a few rows of squares in came to a startling realization: what I thought was a lot of left over sock yarn was no wheres near enough to do a blanket. I knit til I risked duplicating squares of the same colour close together, then put it away to resume sock knitting.

Over the years, I’ve brought it out several times, knit away, then returned to my regularly scheduled knitting.  I’ve picked up yarn from various places over the years specifically for the blanket, and I’m fortunate enough that my mother and a friend have given me some of their scraps.

Over the weekend, I had a delivery of goodie bag:


And I’d purchased some mini-skeins (in theory to try the yarn bases, but really I thought they’d be great for the blanket):


So while I was home sick with the second round of this spring cold, I brought the blanket out again.  It’s wide enough for a double bed, and about half long enough, so I will clearly be repeating this cycle for some time to come.


What struck me as I laid it out to reassess where I was the memories attached to some of the yarn; first socks for nieces and nephews.  Socks (and yarn) that I really loved (and some that I didn’t). Little mittens I just saw my nephew wearing (that his two older brothers had worn first).  It reminded me of crazy quilts my grandmother used to make that had pieces of old clothes from just about everyone in the family. Reminders of people and times.

Makes me want to finish it up before another 6 years pass.


7 replies on “Out of Hibernation

  1. What an incredible amount of work! It is really a unique item, made as you say from lota of memories. I’d rather not thhink of the number of seams involved, but I guess you did seam as you went along. I think it is a wonderful idea to make sure you don’t waste any yarn, and something you will treasure for the rest of your life.


  2. Love it! I try to do a square out of yarn I buy when I travel so I have a little memory of each trip in the project and I think it’s doesn’t have an end date!


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