I live in some fear that someone will go through my purse looking for something. It’s more of tote bag/briefcase/carryall/purse so there is any variety of “things” in it, from Lego to candy (and hopefully my wallet).


On the top of my purse is my knitting “project bag”:


Note the coffee stains from having my travel mug that I-thought-was-empty-but-wasn’t-quite thrown in on top of it.


This bag carries my essentials for “knitting on the go”.  First there are two projects: a pair of socks and a dishcloth. One for meetings and one for when I’m likely to lose a needle.


It also has a few essential tools: spare needles, tape measure (sometimes), scrap yarn and pen:



and about-to-be tools:



I love tins for stitch markers (and this is one of my favourite “lobster” cartoons.)  Right now it still has mints.


Speaking of mints, I try to keep a supply handy, along with a decaf k-cup (I’m a little confused by that myself), my motion sickness bands (I don’t know why they’re in there either) and some lip balm, lotion, cough drops and Advil (that could have been with the knitting supplies):

In other random contents, I have a book of drawings from my niece:

And two types of currency (that actually comes in handy):


But my favourite travel tool is this:



A pair of fingernail clippers without a nail file. Safe for air travel but very handy for snipping yarn on the go. (In addition to fingernails; I always manage to break at least one when I’m in the midst of air travel).



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