Month: June 2015

End of Season

Lobster fishing season doesn’t end with as much fan fare as it opens, but it is met with a different kind of excitement: traps come out of the water to be overhauled; trucks and trailers laden with them line the wharves and roads. The day that started grey and overcast brightened by the end but still with a nip in the air: the perfect weather to end the season and mark an unofficial beginning of summer.


I Shouldn’t Have Tempted Fate: #KnitFail 3.0

Two weeks ago I wrote about how I screwed up the pattern (for the second time) of the toy airplane I was knitting. I cheekily said at the end that it was just the propellers left. Surely I wouldn’t have to write about a third issue with the project.   You know what they say about tempting fate…. There it…

#KnitFail: Toy Airplane Edition Version 2.0

I swear I am not a complete idiot. I may not be a rocket scientist, but I have a somewhat reasonable grasp of the English language. I’ve always considered myself someone who enjoys reading. I believe my comprehension level is somewhere in the average range. I’ve managed to hold down a job for 20+ years. I feed and dress myself…

Diary of a Sock Construction

It feels like I’ve been knitting these socks forever. And looking at my Instagram feed, it certainly feels that way.  Apparently, these socks began their life at Groundfish meeting in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, in March. They then travelled to a Harbour Authority conference in Moncton, NB: And passed some time waiting for a meeting with the federal Minister of Fisheries…