Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Bay of Fundy Seafood Festival in St. Andrews, NB.  Many of the meetings I regularly attend are focused on the operational aspects of getting the fish out of the water and to the wharf; things like effort controls and management plans are normal topics.  But the Seafood Festival focussed more on what happens after.  It was interesting to hear from chefs about what is important to them and how they view sustainability (a seemingly simple topic that only gets more complicated the more you delve into it). I also found interesting that the way we move product is beginning to change. Traditionally, product (lobster in particular) was loaded on trucks and driven to Boston to be dispersed from there. Now with improvements in the ports at Bayside and Saint John and additional flights from the Moncton airport, there are a lot more options to get seafood from rural New Brunswick to the world.

The running joke in my family though is that the real reason I go to the Seafood Festival is to eat. And the truth is, it’s not really a joke.  While gala dinners are not my normal cup of tea, the unique and innovative ways local seafood is served is fascinating to see and even better to taste. As a bonus, I get to pretend to be a “foodie” for an evening.

While I’m normally quite content with the excellent food and company at our “fun” table, this year my inner “fan girl” popped out to join my inner foodie. First, my colleague and I met Line Pelletier, one of the finalists in Masterchef Canada at the pre-dinner reception.


I’m not sure how much I gushed.

Then after dinner we had the opportunity to chat with Michael-Ann Rowe whose documentary “Off the Beaten Palate” featuring New Brunswick food won an Emmy.


I actually got to touch an Emmy!  Eeek – fan girl moment! 🙂

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