Last weekend I started knitting a toy airplane.


After working on socks for a while now, a project in worsted weight yarn felt like it was flying off my needles. And despite being slightly annoyed with myself that I didn’t think about adapting the pattern to be knit in the round (and thereby lessening a bit of the sewing portion of the project) I was having fun knitting. Sunday night, as I started knitting the tail section, I kept looking at what I had done so far and then I saw it:


I had sewed the wings on backwards! 😦  After a few minutes of trying to convince myself that no one would notice, I took a deep breath and set everything aside until tonight when I decided it was time. I carefully snipped the yarn I’d used to sew it up.


The last thing I needed at this point was to accidentally snip a wing or the body of the plane.  I told myself it was actually a good thing. I could do a better job of centering the wings on the body, which had been bugging up until I discovered the real botch up.


So I replaced one wing at a time.


And now I’m back to where I thought I was Sunday night.



Lessons learned?

  1. If it bugs you, it’s usually worth it to go back and fix it. (I think that could be a bigger life lesson too)
  2. For goodness sake, when the pattern says to attach according to photo, look at the freakin’ photo!


6 replies on “#KnitFail: Toy Airplane Edition

  1. I feel your pain!! 🙂 I was ready to turn the heel on my Bootstrap socks and was trying to figure out where the little garter sections were supposed to fit so I went back and read the directions…turns out I didn’t place those in the right spot so I went to rip city 🙂 Back to the cuff…its a good think I love the yarn and can enjoy the reknit, again 🙂

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