Two weeks ago I wrote about how I screwed up the pattern (for the second time) of the toy airplane I was knitting. I cheekily said at the end that it was just the propellers left. Surely I wouldn’t have to write about a third issue with the project.


You know what they say about tempting fate….


There it is; my floppy propellor.  It’s like a handlebar moustache after too much Tequila.


Seriously, there are no more words.


So I cut it off.  And reknit it on smaller needles so it would be stiffer.  The result was much better:






Toy Airplane

Pattern: Airplane Toy

Yarn: Bernat Cottontots (a variety of colours from my stash)

Needles: 4.0 mm Knitter’s Pride Marblz Interchangeables; 3.5 Knit Picks Harmony Straights

Last thoughts: It actually turned out really cute. And despite my idiotic mistakes, it was an easy pattern. I’m definitely glad I tried it. I like my modification for a smaller needle size for propellor; next time I’d knit the body in the round.


2 replies on “I Shouldn’t Have Tempted Fate: #KnitFail 3.0

  1. LOL! on the first picture, it looks like a weird bird that collapsed on the stairs after too much booze. Well done with the repair of the propeller, and thanks for sharing your bloopers. It was a fun series. 🙂

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