I’m not sure how it got to be Sunday night again, but like most weeks in the summer it flew by and seemed crammed with activity.  Throw a Canada Day holiday mid-week and my concept of time really didn’t stand a chance.


Canada Day was spent in Seal Cove with the infamous greasy pole:


And on the beach:

They came by raft and bicycle.


Really, when I said jammed packed with activity, I meant jammed packed with eating. I’m not sure how many hotdogs I ate on the beach. We’d had a campfire the night before (I didn’t actually camp; just crashed the fire)



I went back to work and had a lunch meeting at Cafe Bleu Marie (I love when I get to work and eat)

Sausage crepe

Did I mention we ate outside?  I love summer…


Then, to finish off the weekend, we had supper at the Inn at Whale Cove Cottages:



Now, I’m thankful for elastic waist pajama pants and I’m wondering if I can conceivably wear my elastic waist linen pants (affectionately referred to as my buffet pants) for the remainder of the summer.


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