I have an obsession with Jello salads. I know, their fashionability went out about the same time as leg warmers and teased bangs, but show me a Jello salad at a potluck and I am a happy girl!

My sister invited me for supper last night and I decided I’d try a Jello salad for my contribution. I broke out my grandmother’s classic Tupperware Jello mold (what’s a salad without the mold)


I googled some recipes and tried a Jello/cream cheese/pineapple combo (really, how could that be bad?)

Unfortunately, my cream cheese hadn’t softened as much as I thought it had which became abundantly clear when I tried to blend it with the Jello.  Despite my best efforts (and the resulting appearance of carnage with my too-small bowl and cherry Jello overspray) I ended up with junks of cream cheese in the salad.

The result: a slightly crappy Jello salad. But at least it looks pretty!

I’m wondering if you have a classic Jello salad recipe?

6 replies on “When Good Salad Goes Bad

  1. It’s always a big joke in my family when my aunt brings her jello salad. We always tease about it being for dessert not supper. But the bowl is always empty at the end of the evening.

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      1. Well, definitely not French… Now that we mention jelly, I do remember eating it for the first time in England. But it was usually served as a pudding. I never tried it in a salad.


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