Another week of summer has slipped by seemingly in the blink of an eye. Work tends to be busy in July and a bit more relaxed in August and I’m hoping that holds true this year too! This is one of those stretches that it feels like every time I turn around I’m heading somewhere else.

Last Wednesday I hit the road (or ferry as the case may be) for a work road trip to Prince Edward Island. The ferry does provide for a bit of knitting time (the car ride not so much):


The first night was spent at the Future Inn in Moncton. It’s one of my favourite hotels in that city and we frequently have meetings there.  It was recently taken over by Four Points by Sheraton. I had thought the rooms were quite nice before, but they’ve certainly been spruced up in the year or so since I’ve been there:


The stairway still smelled like new carpet!

Thursday and Friday were spent at the Rodd Brudenell Resort in Georgetown, PEI. Those days were best described as:

good room, good food, and good press. 🙂

After a quick weekend, it was back on the road to Saint John. I had a great lunch of Bay of Fundy halibut:


…knit a bit more on my sock:


and attended a meeting.

Really, I don’t just knit and eat when I travel…

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