I’m just heading home from a couple of days of meetings at the Delta Montreal Hotel. I’m not particularly fussy about hotels: clean and a good restaurant top my list. What makes me really LOVE a hotel is access to power outlets. It’s a little thing, but when trying to recharge everything before another day of meetings, it takes on monumental proportion. And this hotel rocked!

There were cords by the bed (a personal favourite)


A power bar on the desk 

And a well lit outlet with a mirror outside the bathroom (another favourite)

This is in sharp contrast to the Montreal airport, where we’ve had to MacGyver a fix to keep out chargers plugged in:


One thought on “I’ve Got the Power

  1. I don’t travel often. I’m a terrific homebody, but when my mother and I went to Boston a couple years ago, the hotel we were at had a good number of outlets. No power strips, but the outlets were all easy to find/easy access. And I think we had a mirror similar to that for hair, etc. I think the terminal we waited at at Logan even had decent outlets, so we didn’t have to MacGyver anything.

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