My Olive Cheese Bread

A while I ago I saw the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Olive Cheese Bread pass through my Facebook newsfeed and thought it would be a worthwhile attempt. So this afternoon, I got myself and the ingredients together, sort of.  I didn’t have French bread, but I had a baguette. (That’s a type of French bread, so it counts, right?).  I didn’t have as many olives as I thought, so I cut back a bit on the butter, mayonnaise, and cheese. And I didn’t have green onions so I left them out completely.  Other than that, it was absolutely the same! 🙂



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Finished Object Friday x 2

I don’t know why I have such an aversion to finishing projects. Really, sewing in the ends is probably the quickest part of any project but it takes me the longest to do. Tuesday was a travel for work day so I took my not-quite-finished socks with me and promised myself they would be done before I got home and voila:


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Yesterday I discovered #SockBlanketMadness hashtag (do you say hashtag if you’ve used one?) on Instagram just in time to participate.  My sock yarn blanket has been sitting in a corner, but it seems like a fun week to try and knock out a few squares. Basically, you post a picture of your blanket yesterday with your starting number. Using the hashtag for the coming week, try and knit as many squares as you can.


I’m starting with 246 squares; wish me luck!

A Bend in the Road

A couple of weeks ago I came across this article talking about efforts being made to retain access to the ground fish fishery within the community of Martha’s Vineyard. While the fishery is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Martha’s Vineyard, it like most coastal communities along the northeastern US and Atlantic Canada were settled because of the bounty of the northwest Atlantic. Through time and attrition, access to the resource trickled away from smaller boat fishermen into a more corporate system.

To say the article hit close to home is an understatement.  On our island, we have watched as mobile herring, ground fish and a portion of the scallop fleet slowly moved from independent fishermen to corporate control and subsequently to individual transferable quotas and fleet rationalization.  The result: the loss of those fisheries and jobs from our community.  Now, our multi-species fishery has become largely dependent on the lobster fishery with other fisheries acting a supplement. Dependence on one species is a bit of a scary concept.

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I Want My MTV

First of all, I should say this is not a reflection on anyone who works in a customer service call centre. It is not a job I envy or think I could do. I would more than likely tell someone where to stick their problems within the first couple hours of the day. It is though a reflection of my frustration with a corporate computerized system that just wouldn’t let me watch tv.

Towards the end of July I started having trouble with my satellite TV. The picture would freeze, but would work again if I reset the unit. So Saturday afternoon on August 1 while attempting to watch a Blue Jays game and resetting the unit every half hour or so, I decided to call Bell technical support. It took 3 calls, because the unit would work then freeze again, but it was finally agreed that I needed a new receiver. I asked if there were any deals available as I’ve been a long time customer. The loyalty department was great; they offered my a great deal on a new receiver and a further discount on my bill. We set up an appointment for a technician to come that Thursday (August 6) and install the new PVR. We also discovered I’m still paying on my old unit and if I returned it, I’d save another $4.00 a month. Sounded good to me, so I asked them to send the shipping package. I hung up the phone feeling quite pleased with my experience.

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