A week ago today, I picked up a 10 week old Labrador Retriever puppy. I was going to look at puppies that would be available next week, but he was returned to the breeder (the other dog in the house did not adjust well to a new sibling). It seemed like fate that he would come home with me.  He’s very cute, as puppies are:


Since I didn’t expect to be looking after a puppy quite this soon, he (and I) have had a busy week. He’s gone to work with me, even to the wharf:


It’s Rotary Festival Week, so my nieces and nephews took him in the pet parade.  This year’s theme was “family”:


He went to the street parade today:


He’s done some cute things:



And we’ve had some quiet time:


We’ve had a few hiccups; I forgot how puppies like to chew:


These were three of my most worn shoes this summer:



But mostly the reason I know he’s mine? His love of yarn:



We’re going to have a few conversations about that.

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