First of all, I should say this is not a reflection on anyone who works in a customer service call centre. It is not a job I envy or think I could do. I would more than likely tell someone where to stick their problems within the first couple hours of the day. It is though a reflection of my frustration with a corporate computerized system that just wouldn’t let me watch tv.

Towards the end of July I started having trouble with my satellite TV. The picture would freeze, but would work again if I reset the unit. So Saturday afternoon on August 1 while attempting to watch a Blue Jays game and resetting the unit every half hour or so, I decided to call Bell technical support. It took 3 calls, because the unit would work then freeze again, but it was finally agreed that I needed a new receiver. I asked if there were any deals available as I’ve been a long time customer. The loyalty department was great; they offered my a great deal on a new receiver and a further discount on my bill. We set up an appointment for a technician to come that Thursday (August 6) and install the new PVR. We also discovered I’m still paying on my old unit and if I returned it, I’d save another $4.00 a month. Sounded good to me, so I asked them to send the shipping package. I hung up the phone feeling quite pleased with my experience.

Flash forward to August 12. I haven’t heard from the technician. I received the shipping package and planned to package up the old unit on the weekend. I called back to customer service to see what was going on with my appointment. That’s when the fun began. Apparently my when my order was entered, it required the return of my old unit before they would send me a new one. (This receiver has been sitting on a shelf for years). I asked to cancel the return; I’ll deal with that later and get my new receiver coming. At this point I was asked why I thought I needed a replacement receiver – I pointed out the 3 calls to tech support who ultimately said I need a new one. I was put on and off hold for about 45 minutes before I was finally told that it would take a while for their system to update and I should call back in 48-72 hours!!! (It’s at this point I lost it just a little and asked to speak to a supervisor). I was put on hold, again. 45 minutes later, I hung up and called back, only to discover that customer service was closed. I lost it.

So, I called back this morning at work. I went through the story yet again. The technician agreed, I needed a supervisor in the loyalty department and transferred my call. Another half hour of explanations, we manage to cancel my return for now and get me on the list for a new PVR. I ask for the Tuesday appointment I had been told about the night before. Alex put me on hold to check. The next thing I know, Harry answered the phone. I tried to explain I’d been transferred by mistake; I needed to be sent back to the loyalty department. He asked me to explain (again) what my issue was. At the end of that:

“You need to talk to the loyalty department”

“Thanks Harry, that would be great”

Back to Loyalty.

After another 15 minutes, I was given a confirmation number and an appointment for Monday. (Yay!)

A half hour ago I got a call, there is no Monday appointment; the tech will be here Tuesday.

I wonder if I’ll have TV by September?

2 replies on “I Want My MTV

  1. Oh my! It reminds me of our first move here, and how it took me a whole month to get my Internet working again. I kept telling them there was something wrong on their end, but no, they had to send me a new router, and install the new router, only to discover that indeed, they had not made the right switch. I calculated I spent an entire working day over the phone that month, and asked them to pay me back that lost time. But still I stayed with Bell, because other companies are not necessarily better. Or I might be slightly masochistic. Hang in there, you will get your TV one day. Take note of all your calls and get a reference number each time, it should make things easier (well, one can hope).

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