A while I ago I saw the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Olive Cheese Bread pass through my Facebook newsfeed and thought it would be a worthwhile attempt. So this afternoon, I got myself and the ingredients together, sort of.  I didn’t have French bread, but I had a baguette. (That’s a type of French bread, so it counts, right?).  I didn’t have as many olives as I thought, so I cut back a bit on the butter, mayonnaise, and cheese. And I didn’t have green onions so I left them out completely.  Other than that, it was absolutely the same! 🙂



I have to say, for such an easy recipe it was incredibly good (butter, cheese, and olives: how could it be bad?).  I had varied the width of the baguette slices.  I’d like to say it’s so I could determine whether it was better on thick or thin slices, but mostly it’s because I suck at uniform slices.  (FYI – equally good on both).




From several angles:


If you’re wondering, it’s even good cold. Not quite as good as hot, but still gooooood!

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