Random Shots from Two Days in Toronto

Let’s Play Ball

Last Friday, my sister, brother-in-law, and I decided to go to Toronto to watch a couple of Blue Jays playoff games. We’d chatted a bit about it at the beginning of October, but for some reason Friday it was a bit more serious. We may have still been delirious from the ridiculous 7th inning of game 5 of the ALDS, but that’s another story.

I’ve only ever been to one other major league game in Houston in 1988. I didn’t know much about the Astros; they were out of contention; the crowd was sparse; and we were sitting way back in the outfield section, but: I loved the atmosphere and the experience. While I can’t remember who was playing or what the outcome of the game was, there’s something about that memory that makes me smile to this day.

I’ve been a Blue Jays fan since I was a kid, through the hay days of the late 80’s and early 90’s. I fell off the bandwagon for a while, but I’ve been climbing back on over the past few years. By the 11 game win streak in June, I was back onboard; the trade deadline only made watching that much more fun. Things are different watching now. Back then, hi-lights were a flash on the morning radio or the evening news. Box scores were in the weekend paper. To follow the game, you had to watch the game. Now, a Google search or a couple of apps will give as in depth analysis as you could want.

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Something Fishy

One of my nephews turned 4 yesterday. I’m the crazy aunt who sometimes skips toys in lieu of hand knits. Fortunately the kids seem relatively ok with it.  I think random treats throughout the year helps.

Mittens have become my standard birthday gift: they are always being lost or outgrown.  This year I tried a fish hat to match.


I used the kid’s version of the original fish hat because I thought it looked quite large. However, I apparently have a large headed family and I’d make the original another time. Be your own judge on the average head size of your clan.

That being said, it did turn out quite cute, if I do say so myself.  


I’m Sorry

To my friend who will likely receive an oddly shaped slipper: I’m sorry.



See, I’ve been knitting while I’ve been watching the baseball post season. You know it’s been a crazy ride with the Blue Jays this week. The first slipper went relatively normally.


Then today happened.  More specifically, the seventh inning.


There were bizarre plays.

The game continued under protest.

Benches cleared.


The field was littered with beer cans.

I lost track of the number of errors.

And there was a giant home run.


Fifty three minutes later when it was all over, I looked at my knitting and saw this:



The top slipper looks more like an aircraft carrier than a slipper.


It fits on my foot. I’m sure it will look better with the top attached.


I’m also pretty sure the Caesar I drank didn’t help the knitting.


Have I mentioned I’m sorry?

All Dogs Go To Kevin

A couple of weeks ago a veterinarian friend posted a link to an article about euthanasia for pets and the difficulties their owners have in deciding it is the “right” time. As anyone who’s had to make that particular decision knows, it’s not easy and there are no clear guidelines to when it’s the correct time. While reading the article, I noticed a link to a book called “All Dogs Go To Kevin” by Jessica Vogelsang. A search of Amazon turned it up and the next thing you know, I had clicked “buy now”. I’m glad I did.

Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up with dogs and am so much more a dog person than a cat person. Maybe it’s because one of her dogs was a black lab and that’s always been my dog of choice. Maybe it’s because I had to make a decision about euthanasia for Duffy last summer. Maybe it’s because she refers to her second dog as “the best dog I would ever have” which is almost a direct quote from a text from my Dad about Duffy. Whatever the reason I really loved this book. It made me cry in public (on the ferry) to the point I had to stop reading. It made me question my sanity to choose to read a book about dogs who ultimately die. But in the end, it made me feel better about adopting a crazy-eyed puppy who chews everything.


As for the knitting, I’m almost done a fish hat for my nephew; I’m loving how it is turning out.  Details to follow.

A Yarn Along link up with Small Things.

Walking the Line

The thing about puppies is that it sometimes takes a while til they learn their boundaries.  I’m fortunate that I live off the road and Charlie can wander the yard (somewhat) freely. My parents live close to the road so he has a rope on the clothes line which allows him to stay outside on his own.


Protecting the stairs. I'm not sure how he managed to tie the rope around himself.
Protecting the stairs. I’m not sure how he managed to tie the rope around himself.

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