A couple of weeks ago a veterinarian friend posted a link to an article about euthanasia for pets and the difficulties their owners have in deciding it is the “right” time. As anyone who’s had to make that particular decision knows, it’s not easy and there are no clear guidelines to when it’s the correct time. While reading the article, I noticed a link to a book called “All Dogs Go To Kevin” by Jessica Vogelsang. A search of Amazon turned it up and the next thing you know, I had clicked “buy now”. I’m glad I did.

Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up with dogs and am so much more a dog person than a cat person. Maybe it’s because one of her dogs was a black lab and that’s always been my dog of choice. Maybe it’s because I had to make a decision about euthanasia for Duffy last summer. Maybe it’s because she refers to her second dog as “the best dog I would ever have” which is almost a direct quote from a text from my Dad about Duffy. Whatever the reason I really loved this book. It made me cry in public (on the ferry) to the point I had to stop reading. It made me question my sanity to choose to read a book about dogs who ultimately die. But in the end, it made me feel better about adopting a crazy-eyed puppy who chews everything.


As for the knitting, I’m almost done a fish hat for my nephew; I’m loving how it is turning out.  Details to follow.

A Yarn Along link up with Small Things.

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