In my post yesterday I said that there were no words, but that wasn’t quite true.  I wasn’t sure I could articulate what I wanted to say. I’m still not sure I can.  I’ve been watching the video of people running in the streets of Paris scared that another attack was underway.  I can’t imagine the fear that they must be feeling.

Another part of me is frustrated though: as horrific and scary as the attack in Paris was, why is it receiving seemingly all of the media attention while other attacks in Beirut, Baghdad, and Turkey are receiving essentially none?  Why after a few weeks of coverage of the refugee crisis have those stories dropped to zero?  Why after the spring of all Ebola news do we hear nothing about it until Sierra Leone is declared Ebola free?


Instead, we’ve heard a lengthy debate on Christmas coffee cups. Not the Marketplace expose that coffee cups in the recycle bins were really going to the trash, but the actual design on the cup. Honestly, until last week the most thought I gave the subject was “Oh look; there’s a Christmas design on the cup”. If I had gone into Starbucks and seen a red cup, it probably would have been: “Oh look; it’s red for Christmas.”

I realize news is business (isn’t everything) but I watch the CBC news channel, which is a public broadcaster.  At some point on a 24 hour news channel shouldn’t there be time for the not quite as glamorous, or shareable, or whatever qualifier is used, story to air (especially when the same scripted story runs at least 2-3 times in an hour and a half? ) Couldn’t there be a short program “News You Probably Don’t Care About but Probably Should” in the midst of all the filler?

The world today is smaller than ever.  Stories that even 20 years ago would have seemed worlds away can have a direct impact on our lives.  Shouldn’t they receive at least a side bar mention in a news broadcast? I somewhat naively trust news from reputable broadcasters.  I don’t believe every “news” story I see shared on Facebook.  But what happens when you can’t get a full picture from the “reputable” broadcasters?  And really, who is that anymore?

2 replies on “On the Media and Reporting

  1. Interesting post, and I’ve had similar thoughts these days. What we consider horrific ( and rightfully so) in Paris happens nearly every day in Kabul or other cities, where we seem to consider it normal. War is horrible, wherever you live on this earth. I read more the alternative media these days because they are closer to the truth than traditional media controlled by lobbies and big money. The truth is that the world is run by evil. Only when this evil is gone can we live in peace.


    1. I agree. The issues are so complex and I don’t begin to pretend I understand them. Lack of understanding doesn’t mean lack of interest; it’s more a lack of access to information.

      Regardless of where it has taken place, there has been too much tragedy in the world recently.

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