Orange Mittens

My quasi- New Year’s resolution was to be more prepared with hand knit gifts this year; i.e., not leaving them to the week before. I say quasi because I don’t really like New Year’s resolutions; they always seem like a lot of pressure to keep. I’m just trying to do better.


Anyway, last week I finished my first gift 3 weeks before my soon-to-be-4 year nephew’s birthday.


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On Making a Muderer

So last weekend I fell down the rabbit hole that is “Making a Murderer.”  I have to say when I started I wasn’t really sure what the series was about, only that it was what “everyone” was watching and talking about. Perhaps not knowing how it would turn out was the best way to watch; I had no idea what the end result would be.


At the end, like seemingly everyone who watched, I have an opinion about Steven Avery’s innocence or guilt. But what has stuck with me most in the week since is a lingering unease about the smugness of the DA and police during the interviews and trials. The commentary by police when videoing the Avery home seemed at times gleeful. The DA’s interviews (while generously could be interpreted as confident) leaned more towards smugness. Those in positions of power appeared to be so confident (cocky) in their perceived vindication of their role in the original wrongful conviction that it left cold chills when watching. That type of glibness about the suspect in the face of any murder investigation would feel wrong; the fact the suspect had wrongly spent years in jail because of some of the same officers was abhorrent.

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View from Above

I’ve made a couple trips off island this week in a small charter plane. It’s always so cool to see things with a (literally) different perspective. It also coincided with the opening day of scallop season, so there was lots of activity on the water.  It’s hard to capture with my iPhone camera, but these are a few of my favourite shots.