Month: January 2016

#KnitFail: Needle Edition

Knitting and travel are two Of my favourite things With both I have learned, To take what they bring   They can be great but Despite how you’ve planned They both can be fickle, Your planning be damned  

Orange Mittens

My quasi- New Year’s resolution was to be more prepared with hand knit gifts this year; i.e., not leaving them to the week before. I say quasi because I don’t really like New Year’s resolutions; they always seem like a lot of pressure to keep. I’m just trying to do better.   Anyway, last week I finished my first gift…

On Making a Muderer

So last weekend I fell down the rabbit hole that is “Making a Murderer.”  I have to say when I started I wasn’t really sure what the series was about, only that it was what “everyone” was watching and talking about. Perhaps not knowing how it would turn out was the best way to watch; I had no idea what…

View from Above

I’ve made a couple trips off island this week in a small charter plane. It’s always so cool to see things with a (literally) different perspective. It also coincided with the opening day of scallop season, so there was lots of activity on the water.  It’s hard to capture with my iPhone camera, but these are a few of my favourite shots.