I have a tendency to lose my double pointed needles when I’m travelling.  No matter how careful I am, they tend to slip from my hands just out of reach (and usually out of sight; I swear they become invisible). I like to think that some other knitter will find them just when they need a replacement, but really I’m sure they’re just stabbing some poor unsuspecting soul.

In the midst of my December knitting frenzy, I lost 2 DPNs within 5 days.  My emergency travel stash of needles was starting to get depleted, so I stopped at a yarn store to pick up a replacement set. I’ve tried a variety of needles over the years but I’ve been using basic metal Knit Picks 6 inch as my go to needles for quite a while. I didn’t find those, but I did find these Addi Flip Stix:


(I'm so glad I decided to take this in the car on the way home)
(I’m so glad I decided to take this in the car on the way home)

They told me at the store they were really popular right now because they are sharper on one end than the other. I’m always somewhat surprised to find myself on trend so I was quite psyched; though to be honest I really picked them up because of the pretty colours.


Once I started knitting with them I understood why they were popular (besides the pretty colours). The pointier end was really great, especially when picking up the stitches for afterthought heels.  What sold me immediately was the difference in weight. I thought at first I was a little crazy, but a quick check on the scale had the comparison at 5 grams versus 11 grams for my Knit Picks.  There are probably studies about how that’s better for your wrists when knitting (though a quick Google search didn’t turn up any) but mostly I just like the lighter feel.


The only drawback for me is that they do seem bendier that my Knit Picks were.  That could be related to my extreme tension trying to finish Christmas socks though. 🙂 Nevertheless, I’m really enjoying these new needles and have already cast on my post Christmas socks for me.



14 replies on “My Latest Needle Obsession

      1. To learn, I found the two circular needle method easier. Once I figured that one out, using one long one made more sense. It does have a bit of a learning curve for those of us who have knitted forever 🙂

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  1. I love that the needles are different colours! How exciting! Thanks for sharing this, I love seeing new products, I get so tired seeing the shelf of grey that is at my local knitting shop.Also what yarn is that you are using? 🙂 Hannah

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  2. Lighter needles are great for arms and wrists. As a beginner I only metal ones but started slowly replacing them as I discovered the lightness of bamboo. But bamboo is not very sharp, so I should probably look at these addi ones. My current DPNs are wooden ones from Knit Picks but they are quite dark, and when I’m knitting with darker yarns, it can be quite a pain. I need some pale needles. Have you really started a new pair of socks ? 😉

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  3. I once dropped a DPN down a wooden grate on a cruise ship. Continued the sock using an orange stick (that manicure tool) I found in the bathroom. True story. Wish I had found one of yours instead 🙂

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